AI-Driven cold emails, providing the power of 10 SDR's, for the price of one 🚀

Allowing you to speed up finding product market fit, or simply filling your sales pipeline.

Our AI cold email campaigns 🧑‍🎨

Testlio helps some of the worlds largest organisations such as Netflix, Microsoft and Uber to accelerate and improve their software testing processes.
This campaign uses an API endpoint and AI prompts to find common themes within a companies negative app store reviews
Sharebite allows large corporations like Figma to easily provide meal benefit programs to their employees.
This campaign looks for a recent significant news event about the target company, and asks them about the most expensive meal at their local restaurant.
Podium is a world leading provider of AI powered lead conversion tools to local businesses around the world.
This campaign analyses the target prospects website to see if they have a booking system or chatbot, and compares the price of podium to one of their own products.
12twenty provides an easy way for companies to find talent from the worlds leading universities.
This campaign analyses the target companies existing employee base to see how many studied at elite level universities,

Interview with Micah, who we generated $4M PR for in 12 months 🏦

Interview with Eugene, who we generated $5M PR for in 11 months 💸

What do you have to manage? 🤔

Complete the onboarding form & call, then join our Slack for continuous communication
Closing Deals
Attend the meetings we book into your calendar, close the deals, and add cash to your topline revenue

What will we manage? 💪

Technical Setup, Management & License Costs
We'll configure and purchase all email accounts, domains, and software licenses needed, this is fully covered in your plan
Based on your onboarding form, we'll conduct deep research on your ICP's pains, desires and plan out the best approaches for the cold email campaigns.
List Building, Data Scraping and AI Data Analysis
We assess the richest datasource for your ICP, and build highly segmented and targeted lists of decision makers.

Using the power of AI and deep tech, we extract data about these prospects that would only usually be possible to reference by manual research.
Arguably our strongest asset - by combining the data that should only be accessible manually, we write several variations of email sales copy that feel extremely warm, non-salesy, and are extremely likely to resonate.
We'll verify everything with you in Slack before sending - once you're happy, we'll launch the campaigns and begin nurturing interested leads until we've booked them into your calendar.
Testing & Iteration
We continuously monitor our A/B tests, and write new angles until we find the offer variations and angles that are consistently generating high quality leads.

Core team 🤠

Only the best in the game, we don't outsource our work.

Jack Hayward

Founder & CEO (Cold Email Officer)

Emil Jørgensen

Consulting Enrichment & Copywriting Chef

What do our clients think? 🗣️

"Previously we were relying on inbounds and my network, which made our cashflow unpredictable. Since our partnership, NOVUS have delivered us over 120 leads of an extremely high quality"

"It's incredibly rare to find a company who can blend an engineering and testing based mindset with creative marketing. We truly believe that there isn't anybody else who could be doing a better job"

"Our pipeline is incredibly strong going into 2024, and I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your efforts"

We're not going to sell to you 🧙

We'll be real with you, if you don't see the value in our capabilities, then it's probably not a good match.

But if you are curious, let's have a chat and see if your offer is something that we'd be able to help with.

If not, we'll be happy to point you in the right direction!